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We think of global markets with pride and national quality

Laboratory Parts

With the widest variety of products that can be used for all types of fixture and abutment, due to the same design of the joints.

Prosthetic parts

With the most diverse angles and sizes, they are produced with the best fastening in the fixture

Surgical Kit

The complete collection includes the best tools in a sterile environment to facilitate the work of physicians.


They are supplied in single-ten-series and mother-of-packs

new products

We are always working to add the best products of the world to our product portfolio

Kimia implant planting

Let us make your smile more beautiful

Guaranteed results and brighter smiles

All implant products of Kimia Plant have been sown under the supervision of production and testing specialists and then publicly supplied

Advanced facilities

It is used to produce American titanium products and the best Swiss devices

Dental team trained

The complex is always working to improve and has a team of doctors available as an advisor.

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